The Pinkerton Ladies Series

This series is a rowdy, fast-paced set of books of the first women detectives for the Pinkerton Agency. The Pinkertons were known for their dogged focus on stopping train and bank robberies. The Pinkerton Agency was a private detective and security company developed by a Scotsman in 1850 – Allan Pinkerton. Initially was not impressed to have women agents. His brother talked him into hiring Kate Warne. She created the women's branch of detectives and personally trained them. The following books will be released as follows: Dolly: February 14, 2024. Rose May 1, 2024. Adele: July 1, 2024.

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When Dolly's pa died, she had to figure a way to supplement her small inheritance. Answering a notice for a Pinkerton Agent, she trained with the famed Pinkerton agent, Kate Warne.

Dolly's first assignment led her to White Rock, Missouri, to infiltrate the town's society and gather intelligence for robberies occurring in the general area.

It is a story of family conflict, an action-adventure full of outlaws, robberies, a kidnapping, and romance. Will Dolly discover the secrets of the small town? When seeing another Pinkerton Agent in town, will she be able to keep her mission a secret? Will the Sherriff be friend or foe? Will she fall for the handsome outlaw who promises to go straight?




Rose, the fiery saloon owner, had her way of handling trouble. She lost her parents to an Indian attack during the California Gold Rush. A young girl on her own, she learned to survive. Rose married young for security to a good man who became victim of the bottle and greed. The Saloon made a good front when she became a Pinkerton Agent.

This book is the story of new beginnings, intrigue, gun battles, and of course, the love of a woman for a man just out of her reach. Will she convince him marrying a Saloon owner can be a good thing, or will she lose the love of her life?




Adele worked hard to support her siblings when her mother became ill by becoming a school teacher. When money became tight, she was recruited by Kate Warne to be an undercover Pinkerton Agent.

This book is the story of an innocent girl quickly becoming wise to the world of crime, outlaws, and love. When Sam Barto, the outlaw, discovered her true identity, he had more than one surprise of the supposedly mild meek schoolmarm.

Will she survive the kidnapping? Will her friend find her in time?